The actions of one can impact another

The actions of one can impact another

Tonight we had another Gavin incident.  He was watching TV with Elliott.  They were watching a cartoon and for some reason,  Gavin started chewing on his mattress. 

You heard that right.  Chewing on his freaking mattress. I mean really?

Anyway,  after watching Gavin for a bit,  Elliott,  thinking it was funny decided to imitate his big brother.

Elliott came downstairs and told me what happened. Then he burst into tears because he so embarrassed that he had imitated Gavin. He kept saying “I can’t believe did that”.

He just sobbed and sobbed.  I did all I could to comfort him. 

Elliott wanted to confront Gavin about how it made him feel to imitate what he saw him doing.
I thought that was really mature of Elliott to want to do that.  I also thought it would benefit,  at least in theory, Gavin by showing him how his actions can affect others.

I then made the mistake of asking Gavin why he would chew on his mattress. 

They say,  “never ask a question you don’t want the answer to”.  They are right,  because when Gavin told me he did it because he saw a cartoon character do something similar,  I realized we are going to have to reevaluate Gavin and Netflix.

Now,  Elliott is curled up on the couch,  peacefully sleeping.  I guess we’re camping out again.

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I definitely agree with what you have said. Actions are really powerful and sometimes it can even be harmful. This is the resaon why it is important to think first before you act. You don't want to end up suffering.
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