Emmett’s learning to play Minecraft on the PC

Today, Emmett took on the task of learning to play Minecraft on the PC. He’s quite good on the tablet but the PC requires the use of a mouse and keyboard.  This can be really tricky, especially for a 5 year old. 
While he did get frustrated, he just kept saying “I’m gonna have to learn to use the mouse and keyboard if I want to play Minecraft on the computer.”

I captured this image today while Emmett was trying his hardest to get the mouse and keyboard down. He did pretty well but it’s a WIP.


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when Big E gets good enough there is something called ftb”Feed the beast” mod packs I do the Direwolf20, it is the one I play and in the mod there is machines that you can build with them you can even double the ores like Iron and others. This this mod pack there is different challenges but it is fun to play.

one plugin I suggest you install is optifine because you can remove bedrock fog and make water clear, also you can set it to improve graphic performance. There is different optifines for different computers like ones for single core and dual core etc. Removing bedrock fog helps big time because you can be looking for diamonds near bedrock and then you hear hiss then bom if you are on normal – hardcore.

Lost and Tired

I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for taking the time to share that information. Is there a particular site that you recommend?


If he gets the hang of it and wants to play online with other people, and if he gets an account, there’s a server that’s set up for autistic kids to play with one another! I can agree it gets hard, best to start on creative mode or peaceful so he doesn’t die trying to learn the controls.

Lost and Tired

You are referring to AutCraft. Yes, my good friend Stuart Dunca built that. When we get to that point, we will certainly do that. 🙂