Why you shouldn’t eat soap

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The other night the boys came running into our bedroom to let us know that there’s a problem.  They informed me that theybhad been using their detective skills and noticed something about our dog,  Maggie’s, breath

They informed me that it smelled like soap.

This sent Emmett running into the bathroom,  only to discover that his precious bar of soap was missing.

Somehow,  our idiot dog had found the bar of soap and decided to eat it.

Emmett was very upset with her for eating his brand new bar of soap.  This was the bar of soap he used to wash his hands,  since he now refuses to use hand sanitizer.

Needless to say, a bar of soap is not a good idea.

Maggie has been puking the soap up all day.  Although,  she is silently puking,  meaning we don’t hear her vomiting until we hear her “cleaning up” after herself.

She will puke,  “clean it up” and then puke again. I swear sometimes I wonder how she has managed to survive so long making such idiotic decision and eating things that should have probably killed her.

I suppose I should be grateful that she is OK.  However,  I’m not feeling very grateful while I’m cleaning her mess up.

This has been a terrible,  horrible,  no good,  very bad day.  🙁

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I shouldn't laugh about this, but you have such a way with words, and it has been such a painful, crappy day. I'm in hysterics over this…. BTW, I have a cat that "recycles", so disgusting…….


nice articles on love


Perhaps she suffers from PICA too


My other dog managed to eat an entire solid chocolate easter raccoon once. She also snatched a chocolate cupcake out of my friend's daughter's hands, among many other things including my crayons pencils erasers earbuds etc…