2011 Tax Return -

2011 Tax Return

So,  it that time once again.  Tax season is quickly approaching I was wondering what your plans are?

For the Lost and Tired family,  tax return is about the only time we can make major purchases.  Things like broken appliances, outstanding bills ect,  are only possible when our tax return comes in.

This year,  I have quite a few things that need to be accomplished with tax return.

Obviously,  not everything will happen but we have made a relatively short list of priorities.  I thought I would share our goals for this tax season.

Things we want to accomplish with our 2011 Tax Return

1)  We have to pay for the repairs to the van.

2)  We need to replace our mattress,  Gavin’s mattress and Emmett and Elliott need bunk beds.

3)  I need to get a treadmill so I can get back to running.  I can’t get away anymore and so that would help me to improve my health.

4)  Relocation.  This is a HUGE priority.

5)  Get caught up on some bills.

6)  Move forward with Android4Autism.

Now,  as I said, some of these things simply won’t be possible.  This is the list of priorities that have been narrowed down.

Relocating is easily at the forefront right now.  Everything else will hopefully happen in time.

I have my taxes done already but can’t e-file for a few days.  Hopefully our return will arrive before the end of the month. 

Fingers crossed 🙂

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You have updated well on tax return issue of 2011.I will now file my tax returns with ease and without any confusion.
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Megan Kitchen

We are hoping to have enough in our tax return to actually purchase an older trailer in a mobile home park. Soren rocks back and fourth when tired and it makes an odd thumping sound for our downstairs neighbors, so we need to move as well (he refuses to sleep in his bed).

As for the treadmill, look on craigslist. My sister managed to find a gym quality one for a few hundred dollars quite easily.

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