Can’t sleep

Can’t sleep

It’s 3am and I’m still unable to sleep. This sucks cause the boys will be up in 3 hours and need to get ready for school. I’m so tired but I just can’t sleep.

I can’t seem to slow my brain tonight. I have way to much on my mind and way to many problems that need a solution ASAP. I need to find a way to relax so lower my stress level.

I made a nice cup of hot tea and got Netflix up on the TV as I’m sitting here watching it snow.

I wish I could find a better way to manage everything, including my stress. There is no escape from the clutches of the stress that is slowly but surely taking over my life. I desperately need to start running again. It was a great outlet and really helped me to get centered.

I’m gonna try, one last time to go to sleep before giving up.

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Do you get any sort of respite or have you applied for funding or assistance from charities or services around your area.


Christmas break is over already???? Ours is still going. I feel you on the stress levels. My anxiety has gotten pretty ridiculous. To the point that I am probably going to get kicked out soon. My mom has had it. I hope that sleep finds you soon, sends you off well, and leaves you feeling oddly refreshed for such a short amount of time (three hours).

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