Nothing worked because everything hurt

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Sensory processing disorder has gotten the best of us today. Mr. Emmett woke up after a night filled with nightmares, completely overwhelmed. In his nightmares, he’s being eaten alive and can’t wake up.

Emmett’s daily life is often dictated by his sensory issues. Today was particularly bad because he woke up, already overloaded, and not standing a chance.

More often than not, Emmett will struggle with his clothes in the morning, but we can work through it. On these days, Emmett has enough resources in his coping bank account to help him through. Unfortunately, there are some mornings where this coping bank account is already overdrawn.

He was very clearly overdrawn this morning, and he wasn’t able to tolerate wearing a shirt.

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We worked to help him through this from 7 AM – 8:35 AM, but nothing worked. The school said he could wear any shirt he needed to, even if it wasn’t dress code.

By the time we had to call it quits, and get Elliott to school, we had worked with over fifteen different shirts. Nothing worked, and everything hurt.

I’m now devoid of anything resembling motivation or energy.

Emmett ended up staying home, and I don’t like the idea of him missing school. At the same time, wearing a shirt is causing him extreme levels of distress today, and forcing him to wear one would be cruel.

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