Dirty Soap

This morning, Emmett informed me that the soap in the bathroom was to dirty to use. I’ll be honest, I don’t see the problem here. The label is partially rubbed off from use but it doesn’t look dirty to me. However, I’m not Emmett and he can sometimes see things a little differently at times. It’s interesting to see things through his eyes. While I may not always be able to see the same thing or in the same way, I do like to gain as much perspective as possible. Having said that, I’m at a loss with this one. Both bars are pure white, without even a hint of being dirty. According to Mr. Emmett John, the one on the left is dirty, so he needed to open a new bar, which is on the right. Hmmm


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Rob Gorski

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Could be because the logo name thing is rubbed off. We he tolerate any different bar of soap brand? Could try to find one without a name engraved in it?

Lexidh Solstad

Tried soap sheets? Always fresh!