Manic Monday: Missing school

Elliott will miss another day of school today because he has to be at the doctors.

Hopefully, God willing, this will be it for the week. 

However, depending on the medication changes Dr. Reynolds makes, he may be at home again tomorrow. Anytime you make changes to medications, especially when the child is prone to reactions, it’s better to play it safe. That’s my opinion anyway.


Of course, your welcome to your own opinion

It’s just that sometimes after a medication change, the child has to be watched closely for a day or so.  Truthfully, I don’t trust anyone else to do it.  Nothing against the school but when it comes to things like this, we tend not to delegate.

I’m leaning towards pulling the plug on the Tenex and just avoiding meds altogether. 

He seems to do better on the ADHD meds but who the hell knows anymore? There is so much going on in his life that it’s damn near impossible to know up from down and left from right.

This most definitely going to be a Manic Monday.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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‘I hope you find that magic combo that helps Elliot feel better. We had mixed results with Tenex too and it seemed to cause alot of weakness and fatigue and mood swings in my son. We just started Propanolol and that really seems to be helping the anxiety and aggression so much. He had lots of meltdowns and rages that were anxiety triggered. Some initial hyperactivity the first two weeks and trouble falling asleep, but no side effects other than that.


What does he think about the meds? Does he think the ADHD meds help him? Sorry to hear Tenex caused him to be more aggressive, maybe it messed with his sensory system a bit. I’ll be going on some anti anxiety meds myself soon. It’s kind of a scary thought to think meds can change what’s been working wrongly for years, but at the same time for me it’ll be a welcomed change. Living controlled by anxiety is no fun.


@Silachan well said.