Monday’s Minutes

Monday’s Minutes

Today has been pretty crazy. I was on my own today because Lizze is in pretty rough shape today. 

My day began around 5 am with Emmett waking up.  After getting the other 2 boys up and dressed,  Emmett and I took them to school. 

I had to bribe Emmett with sausage from McDonalds in order to get his cooperation this morning but it was worth it because he actually ate it.  After that,  we had to hit the pharmacy to grab some things for Lizze.

When we got home,  Emmett got a bath and then a nap.

While he was sleeping, I caught up on some phone calls that desperately needed to be made. 

When Emmett woke up,  I fed him lunch -which he didn’t eat- and then we were off to pick up the boys from school. 

Gavin had therapy this afternoon and so I took Emmett and Elliott to my parents because Lizze couldn’t watch them.  Gavin’s therapy lasts about one and a half hours on Mondays and it’s a long hour and a half.

After picking the boys up and returning home,  I got everyone fed.  Lizze was able to help get the boys ready for bed.  I was so grateful for the help because I was completely spent.

As I’m writing this on my phone,  I snuggling with Elliott who was having a hard time sleeping,  so we are once again resorting to camping out in the living room,  where he feels comfortable. 

This is the end of the night for me and I’m trying to get some writing done before turning in.

I hope your Monday was as well as could be expected….  🙂

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