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The boys are off to school and Emmett has eaten breakfast -which is great since he hasn’t been eating-…

Lizze is in bed and will likely spend the whole day there. She is either having a major symptom flare or she is actually sick with the stomach flu.

It really hard to tell with her because she experiences flu-like symptoms all the time. It’s difficult to know what is what.

I’m gonna have to make special arrangements today as a result. Gavin is supposed to have therapy today and I going to have to see if my mother can take him.

I could possibly take all the boys with me but it’s an hour and a half long today. Not to mention that Emmett wouldn’t understand why he was there and couldn’t go to therapy. Elliott would get progressively more and more anxious as time ticked away.

Getting help is the only way to pull the rest if the day off. I’m grateful, beyond words, that we do have some help available to us if we need it. So many people out there don’t have that kind of support and that is heartbreaking for me to think about.

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Lexidh Solstad

Is she still on Lyrica? She sounds like me when I was on Lyrica =( It helped with the pain, but kept me in bed anyway, the side effects are plentiful and just not worth it.

In Norway, where I live, there aren't many kinds of drugs that are available, we have a very very strict system when it comes to all kinds of drugs, no matter what it's for/against, but Tramagetic Retard (12 hour pills) have helped a lot of us, I think it's worth looking into =)


tell Liz that her friends from Fibromyalgia Chat are hoping she feels better.


thanks Carl