Happy Birthday, you might have diabetes -

Happy Birthday, you might have diabetes

We had Gavin appointment today with the pediatrician.  We explained how Gavin is getting sick after eating while at school. 
We also explained how he’s falling asleep after eating as well. 

After going over everything,  the doctor said that these symptoms are consistent with early onset diabetes.

We were sent to the lab for a glucose test along with his regular bloodwork.

Because he already ate breakfast the lab sent us home because he hadn’t fasted. We were set up to be back at 9am for the first blood draw.  Then we were to feed Gavin and bring him back,  2 hours after eating,  for the second part.

Gavin was starving at this point so I took him to Chick-Fil-A to grab something to eat. 

As I was paying for his lunch,. Lizze called me and said the lab had been trying to get a hold of me.  Apparently,  Dr. Maki wanted the blood work done right now

I literally had to pull the straw out of poor Gavin’s mouth and hightail it back to the lab,  where they immediately took his blood.

After that,  we dropped my Mom off and ran to the store.  Now we are waiting to pick up Elliott at school. From there we dropping Elliott off at home and then going back to the lab for the second blood draw.

I’m really,  really,  really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hoping that diabetes is a false alarm.  That is the last thing Gavin needs to worry about and the last thing we need to worry.

We should know something this evening..

What a crappy way to spend his birthday…

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Fingers crossed and prayers that it's not diabetes!
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Weird, where I live they would have done a finger prick bgl on the spot and that would have indicated how urgent the blood test was. Really hoping its not juvenile diabetes as with everything else you guys deal with that would be devastating.n


Your right. But they were looking for specific changes that they needed a blood draw for. Everything turned out well. Thank you 🙂


That's really bizarre that they decided they could do the test without a fast, after all? Yeah agreed, crappy way to spend a birthday. Let's hope it's just for a false alarm, that will be a relief.


I guess he was looking so something specific and didn\’t want him fasting for it. It all turned out well I the end though 🙂

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