Night Shift

Night Shift

I told Lizze that I would stand guard tonight. I’m hoping that she will feel safe enough to sleep. 

My Netflix queue is full and I replaced the deadbolts on the house.  I also replaced the front light with brighter bulbs. 

Gavin and Elliott are at the grandparents tonight so it’s just the three of us.  Maggie and I are watching Netflix and maybe playing Skyrim for a while.

I just have to keep letting her outside because of her bladder infection.  She’s leaking right now until she gets to the vet. It’s gonna be a really long night.

I probably couldn’t sleep anyways,  I’m a bit preoccupied with these guys still having the keys to our house.  Even though the locks are new,  I don’t like that they think they can get in. 

I’m so freaking tired right now.  I have about 6 hours before Emmett wakes up. I’ll try to get a nap in the morning. Fingers crossed…

We are supposed to get photographed for the article in the paper tomorrow but I don’t know if or when the boys will be home. I want them to be comfortable and if that’s at grandma’s then so be it.

I’ll probably post throughout the night.  It will give me something to do and help me to stay awake.

Please send your caffeinated thoughts my way tonight 🙂

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My thoughts & prayers are with your family.


I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this fear on top of everything else. Really hope they catch these dirtbags soon…..


Could you ask your police department to increase patrols in your area for the next few days?


There are enough police. They keep getting laid off. Not a good thing 🙁


It's 4pm down here so I'm wide awake rob! With you all the way 🙂


Thanks Julia 🙂

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