Stealing from a special needs family: update 3

I just spoke with my claims adjuster at State Farm. I also spoke with Downtown Ford as well to get a total estimate.

Well folks,  it’s not looking good.  The estimate for repairs is over $2,000. The claims adjuster said that she hasn’t received the official copy from the dealership yet but she does the the value of the van and we are looking at a total loss.

Once the estimate gets into the system,  I’ll hear from the total loss department and they will make me an offer. 

I would love to receive back what we put into it but but that’s simply never gonna happen.  In fact,  we will likely owe money and lose our van at the same time.

This is because we just had $2,500 worth of work done on the van right before Christmas.  We’re making payments but still owe about $2,200. If they are totaling out the van because of $2,000 worth of estimated repairs needed after it was stolen,  it’s pretty safe to say that if we’re lucky,  we’ll get enough to pay off the repair bills. At this point,  that’s the best case scenario.

I think that people should really think about how their actions will affect others. Because these two people decided to steal our van,  will lost the $8,000 we have invested into it in the past year. We also lost our only means of transportation to and from all of the appointments we have every week. 

They will never be caught and never be held responsible……

Where’s the justice in that?

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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