7th Antibody Infusion: preparations

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We have arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital for Gavin’s 7th Antibody Infusion.
It’s really hard to believe he has already had 7 of these already.  It’s already become pretty routine and so we simply just go through the motions.

As always,  once we arrive he has to be prepped.  Basically,  that entails vitals,  numbing patches for the infusion site and some medications to help his body accept the donor antibodies without a reaction.

The preparations take about an hour or so. 

During this waiting time,  Gavin is resting in his private room,  playing PlayStation and waiting on his lunch. 

I’m so proud of him because he never,  ever complains about the pain or inconvenience of these potentially life saving infusions.

Rock on Gavin. 🙂


This is the main waiting room in Oncology. They have it nicely set up to help distract the kids from what’s about to happen and make them more comfortable.


The cling wrap around his arms cover the medication that number his arms.  They do this to both sides so that whatever arm they choose to be the site for the infusion is number. 


They take his vitals before they get started in order to have a baseline set.  They also take his vitals in frequent intervals during the procedure to make sure he’s not having problems.


Once he’s in his bed, he gets a menu to choose his lunch from and a big folder full of PlayStation games he can play. Oh..and they always have a rootbeer waiting for him as well.  🙂


This is where Gavin will spend the duration of the procedure.  The time goes by pretty quickly for him,  as he’s playing video games.


This is where I spend the duration of his procedure.  I’m parked right next to him for the several hours it takes to perform the infusion….

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