Please say a prayer for Elliott

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I hardly remember yesterday or maybe I’m just trying to forget it.  Either way,  something happened yesterday that may amount to nothing,  but the school was worried enough try and have us come get him -although their attempts were in vain because Verizon must be having network problems and our phones never rang-.

Elliott has been complaining about his joints alot lately.  He has an appointment with the rheumatologist in a few weeks.

Yesterday,  he started complaints about his back during martial arts.  When they looked at his back,  there was a knot on his spine. This seemingly came out of nowhere.

Elliott says that he doesn’t know what happened but he never hurt himself.

Lizze currently has Elliott at the doctor’s to make sure everything is OK.  They are going to take x-rays to get a better idea of what happened.

Elliott is really nervous and could use all the thoughts and prayers you can muster.

This may amount to nothing but because of where it is and how much it hurts,  we have to be sure. 

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Sending prayers!
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Oh, poor little sweetheart! I hope and pray that everything's ok and it's just a fluke.

I'm so sorry. It seems like there's something new going on every day. I wish things would calm down for you guys and you could get settled into a new home soon.


Fingers crossed for you Elliott, I hope you are all better soon.


As if I need to say this, I am sending everything I have ER's way! Auntie Vet loves you very very very much and you will be okay! I <3 you Elliott Richard!