Finally feeling better -

Finally feeling better

I’m finally starting to feel better. I almost never get sick but when I do,  I really get sick.

I’m hoping to get caught up on some things this afternoon.  I’m way behind on the block stuff and I have many emails to return.

Gavin and Elliott spent Thursday and Friday at their grandparents house so I could rest and Lizze only had to worry about Emmett.

A huge thanks goes out to them for their help in our time of need.  😀

I have a lot of thinking to do today and I need to plan out how this whole car thing is going to work out. 

The boys are really stressed and worried that we won’t have a car and to be quite honest,  so am I. Of course,  I don’t tell them that.  I tell them that Daddy will take care of everything and all they need to do is worry about being a kid and let Daddy worry about the grownup stuff.

Unfortunately,  while Having buys into that and feels better,  Elliott is less easily convinced.

While we were at the dealership yesterday,  Elliott picked out our new car.  Can you guess what it was?

A 2012 Mustang GT.  Black and yellow and looking all kinds of awesome. That a boy Elliott. 🙂

While he has no concept of money he has great taste in cars. 🙂

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