Baby Steps -

Baby Steps

We have been struggling for awhile now to get Elliott sleeping on his own.  Most of the time he ends up in our bed. 

This eventually leads to me moving to the couch because our mattress is uncomfortable enough on its own and Emmett likes his space.

However,  one thing I managed to get done with tax return before literally dumping everything into this van was by the kids new mattresses. 

The goal was to get Emmett and Elliott bunk beds but that will have to wait till next tax return now. However,  I setup one of the new mattress sets in our room for Emmett and so far he’s enjoying it. With that said,  however,  he’s still climbing into bed with us.

On the plus side,  instead of going downstairs and sleeping uncomfortably on the couch,  I just trade him places.

Hey,  every little step counts even if we still find ourselves, on occasion, retracing our past steps forward.

Part of the problem is these fever flares.  When he’s in a flare up,  like he is now,  he doesn’t sleep well at all….and that’s saying something for him.

I’m happy to do this for him if it provides him with bit of comfort when he is otherwise miserable……

I just have to keep reminding myself that baby steps are still steps forward no matter how small they may be…..

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