Feeling Blue

So you all know we had to get a new van recently.  Well,  part of the deal included the dealership completing a few things,  as well as some minor repairs.

There were 3 little paint chips on the hood.  They were supposed to touch these spots up.  I wasn’t expecting perfect,  as my main concern was preventing rust.

However,  this is what they provided me.  I’m a bit disappointed in not only the quality of the work but that fact that they used the wrong freaking color.

Does anyone else agree that this looks like the wrong color?

They are going to look into it when it goes back in to have the seat belt fixed.

So,  I need your opinion. Does this look like the right color?  Also,  does it look sloppy to you?

I appreciate your opinion.



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Rob Gorski

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Megan Kitchen

One thing it could be is the paint faded, and they just used factory touch up paint. That would give you the mis-match, but there is still no real excuse for the sloppy crappy job. I can (and have) do a better job with a bit of nail polish.

Robert Wm Ruedisueli

It looks like they just put some undercoat on.

Onyx Panthyr

Definitely not the same color. And putting it bluntly, that is shit work. Looks like someone just "touched it up with nail polish. Mjnd you, the edges still look rough and raised which means it's going to peel off more very shortly. That should have been sanded and then painted smoothly with the right color. 😛


I think I will agree with your feedback regarding the paint that they have used. It really is obvious that the color is different. As a matter of fact, quality is very important. They should do something about this.
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Wrong color and sloppy. I'm so sorry 🙁


assuming the paint is dry the color does not match (it could be possible that it technically is the right color but some one didn't stir it well enough before applying) where we're at the next issue: applying the paint. This has sloppy written all over it and is not 'dealership-worthy' at all.


That is not the right colour by any stretch of the imagination. Jeez.


Thank you.. 🙂