Zoloft, insanity and a better tomorrow -

Zoloft, insanity and a better tomorrow

Today has been one of those days.  You know,  the kind that just seems to go wrong at every turn. 

The day began with Elliott having going nuts as a result of his new medication.  When I say going nuts, I mean going nuts.

He was rapid cycling.  His mood was literally changing by the minute. One moment he was happy,  the next he was angry and freaking out.  Then he would be just start crying.

Emmett was completely confused by Elliott’s behavior today and didn’t know how to respond to him. 

The stress set him off many times today.

On top of that,  Lizze was experiencing a major flare up today that had her in bed all afternoon. 

Lizze’s mom had to pick Gavin up front school today because there was no way to get there to get him today. She decided to keep Gavin overnight and take him to school in the morning. 

She figured it would be one less thing for us to worry about. Thanks a bunch for that. 🙂

We heard back from the doctor today and have pulled Elliott off the Zoloft.  If Elliott doesn’t return to normal in the next few days we will need to get him in.

He has to stay home on Friday because in the state of mind he is in,  he would never make it at school. Yay us…..

I’m hoping that tomorrow is better for Elliott…..

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Oh goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that. Zoloft has been a lifesaver for my family. I hope you find something that works for Elliot.


Elliot should probably take a break and set his mind free. Relaxation and rest is very essential and I hope tomorrow he already feels good.
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Poor Elliott 🙁 hopefully its out of his system quickly.

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