Medication Mania

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Elliott has not has his Zoloft today.  Yesterday was his last dose. He is most certainly manic.

He is all over the place.  He’s not miserable,  in fact,  he’s happy… Super,  super happy. 

Hopefully,  this is just a reaction to the medication and the mania is not a sign of anything else. I think if he balances out in the next day or so,  that means he’s okay.

If he doesn’t,  well,  we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.  I don’t even want to pretend that bridge even exists at this point.

For those wondering,  that other bridge would be bipolar disorder

Gavin has bipolar disorder and has been very,  very difficult to keep stabilized. I can’t imagine having to add that to the mix,  but more importantly,  I don’t want that for Elliott.

Hopefully,  things will settle down over the weekend and go back to his anxious self.  At this point,  that would be a big step forward. 

Funny how something that was so frustrating is now something I’m longing to see again.  Perspective is an amazing thing.  🙂

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