Change can be good

Change can be good

I wanted to explain a few changes that I’ve recently made to this site as well as my Facebook community page.

One of the things that every blog needs is a tag line

In the almost 3 years that Lost and Tired has been around, I’ve never really had an official tag line.


That has changed as I have finally decided on a tag line.

Hence forth,  this site will be called, Lost and Tired: Confessions of an Autism Dad.

I feel that this is a very fitting tag line and I like it.

The second change that you may have noticed is to the Lost and Tired Facebook community page. It’s no longer a dumping ground for links back to the a in site.  My community page is now rich with information and community discussion, that more and more people are talking about.  Please stop by and Like the page and join the discussion.

I have some more things coming down the shoot, that I will be able to tell you about very soon. 

I know many people out there don’t like change but these are relatively subtle and I hope that everyone does okay with them. 

As always, best wishes.  🙂

I would love to get your feedback on these changes.  Please do so in the comments below.  🙂 

This site is managed via WordPress for Android, courtesy of the @SamsungMobileUS Galaxy Note 2 by @Tmobile. Please forgive any typos as autocorrect HATES me. 😉

Check out my #Autism Awareness Store to find really cool and unique #Autism Awareness Clothing and Accessories, designed by me. 😉

For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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Another two months and this blog will be three years old.


MeaghanGood that’s right. I started in June 2010. First I was at blogger and then wordpress . com and then 🙂


lostandtired MeaghanGood I’ve been running my missing persons database (second-largest on the whole internet) since 2004. I started blogging in late 2008. Mostly I blog about missing persons but I talk about my personal life too.
Blogging is a two-edged sword. I got raped by a stranger in 2009 and blogged about it, basically reaching out to my readers for support. I got some support and I also got some jerks who accused me of making up the story to get attention. Based solely on my blog posts, they decided I was not traumatized enough for someone who’d been raped so the story must not be true. In retrospect those people were in the extreme minority but they were very upsetting to me.
A few of them even accused me of lying about having depression and autism, and I was like, “Oh, then, I’ll tell my psychiatrist that you decided I’m not depressed or autistic. I’m sure he’ll take me off my meds and release me from his care immediately. After all, what does he know, he’s only been to medical school and had twenty years experience as a doctor and seen me on a regular basis in both in- and out-patient settings. And you read my blog; you must know more than him.” I offered to produce a police report about the rape. None of them wanted to see it — because they didn’t want to be proven wrong. I had figured that would be the case. I mean, I wasn’t bluffing; I really had the report scanned and ready to email anyone who wrote asking to see it. But I made a little bet with myself that no one would want to look at it.
I’m still not sure whether talking about the whole thing on my blog was a mistake or not. I did get a lot of support from some people who kept telling the haterz to shut up and telling me I was brave and awesome and all that. And another woman who’d been attacked by the same person as me (he was a serial offender and he did get caught, but not before he had a chance to claim more victims after me) found my blog and got in touch with me, and I think — hope — I was able to help her some.
But…anyway…I thought you’d probably get it, dealing with ignorant people who don’t know anything about you or your kids. But at the same time getting to know so many people in the same position as you. After awhile you just have to tell yourself to sort out what matters from what doesn’t, and only care about the things you can afford to care about.


MeaghanGood lostandtired I totally get it. I’ve been pretty lucky in the sense that I haven’t really had any trolls causing trouble.
I’ve had a few run ins but I try to ignore them. Easier said than done though. 🙂

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