How to kill a toilet

You might remember,  earlier this week we had another issue with the toilet in our only bathroom.

A quick recap for those who missed out on the fun earlier this week.

Basically,  Emmett flushed several,  empty toilet paper rolls down the toilet. Now,  in his defense,  they had been collecting and proved to be a temptation that he simply couldn’t resist.

Anyway, this is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened in the last few months.

I spent a good portion of the day plunging the crappie out of that toilet.  Oh..look.. I made a funny 🙂

The plunger actually broke, so Elliott -who was still manic at the time- and I had to go buy a new one.  Elliott at the store is tough on a good day.  However,  Elliott at the store while manic because of a bad reaction to Zoloft…. Well,  I’ll leave that to your imagination.

But I digress…..

Back to the point. 

Did you know that not all plungers work on all toilets?  I found that out the hard way. The replacement plunger I bought didn’t work.

I ended up having to use the old,  broken plunger.  It actually worked after awhile.  I managed to clear out most of. The cardboard from the back of the toilet.

Sadly,  the damage had already been done.

When we flush the toilet now,  it sounds like it’s gasping for air.  It no longer rains on the parade, if you follow my drift.

I think whatever else he flushed is plugged up somewhere and it’s stopping the water from flowing through the system properly.

I’ll give you an example.  Don’t worry,  it will be a clean example.

Gavin blew his nose today and dropped the tissue into the toilet and flushed it.  While the water in the toilet flushed away the tissue remained.  There is simply no water coming down to whoosh the tissue away,  so it just sticks to the side of the bowel.

I’m afraid that our toilet,  when less than a year old,  is in its final days.

RIP dear friend.  As my good friend. Hank Hill would say,  you provided us with 12 months of reliable service.

You will be missed.  Unfortunately,  I can’t pull the plug just yet,  I need to interview for a replacement first. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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if it finishes breaking down will it need to be replaced 🙂
My wife once flushed a filter for the carpet cleaner down the toilet. By the time I was done replacing the toilet, we had replaced the sub floor, linoleum, bathtub/shower, vanity and sink, as well as painted the walls. that little part resulted in redecorating our bathroom do to a rotten floor under the toilet. And you can't just replace the little bit under the toilet. you have to fix the whole problem. uggh. never again. And we have two bathrooms, I couldn't imagine getting by on just one.


Hey Carl,

Yeah, hopefully it will finish breaking down. If it does, then we won\’t need to replace it.

I replaced it last year and had a similar experience as you. Please God, let this toilet fix itself.

Here\’s to hoping 🙂


gives new meaning to "praying to the porcelain gods…"


It's probably not broken! It sounds like it's still clogged. Get a snake and give that a whirl… It'll be cheaper than a new toilet!

Bonnie Stewart

And an even easier solution is to fill a 5-gallon bucket of water and dump it quickly down the toilet. Sometimes that big surge of water will flush the obstruction right out of there.

There is one more thing I am likely to try before pulling out the toilet. Tie some strips of terry cloth tightly to a long cotton string. Drop them in the toilet. Holding the end of the string out of the toilet, try to flush the wad of cloth with the 5-gallon bucket. If you can get it to disappear, that is good.

Then yank the string until you pull the cloth back up into the toilet. This sometimes works to dislodge an obstruction with pressure from the other direction. I guess you could call it "back-flushing". This special is brought to you by you friendly nidghborhood handy-woman. I used to work for the Wastewater Department, so drains are one of my specialties.


Thanks Bonnie. As time is going on, it seems to be working better.

I\’m gonna give it a few days and see if it finishes breaking down…

Bonnie Stewart

Wow! Just what everyone doesn't need! I am amazed that you can manage on one bathroom. The joys of old houses never end! One thing that might work to dislodge the cardboard is to run a Romex wire or some sort of plumber's snake through it.


This may sound simple yet very difficult to handle. Perhaps, you really had a hard time coping with this situation but still you were able to solve it. Thanks for sharing to us this story of yours. Maybe some also experienced this at home.
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That doesn't sound like the toilet is a Bonner, probably all the jigglyng frogman aggressive plunging damaged the seals kn the flapper valve or ballcock assembly, an easy and cheep fix. (Yes, this is from experiance! Could be worse, my brother once set the toilet water on fire, Wichita cracked the bowl in half and sent flamingvwater into the living room, lol!)

Onyx Panthyr

I really have to ask…. How do you set toilet water on fire? (serious)


he wanted to see if turpentine floats, so he poured it in and threw in a lit match…. then, as a good boyscout knows, you can suffocate fire, so he closed the toilet lid, which made the superheated air and cold ceramics do unholy things and crack open like a gaping maw. I was 6 and thought it was awesome. He was 9 and in a LOT of trouble. LOL!


Thanks for sharing that. It\’s not really funny but it is at the same time.

Glad everything is OK 🙂


You know I was wondering the same thing myself. 🙂