24 hours and counting -

24 hours and counting

Tomorrow morning,  Lizze will undergo a procedure called an EMG.  My very limited knowledge of this procedure is really only based on the last time Lizze had this done on her neck.

Basically,  needles are placed into the body,  along the nerve paths I believe,  and a small electrical current is run.  They are testing to make sure the nerves are functioning correctly.

Lizze has been having issues with her legs for years.  The go numb all the time and her neurologist suspects neuropathy.

By definition, neuropsthy is damage to a single nerve or nerve group, which results in loss of movement, sensation, or other function of that nerve. Symptoms depend on the specific nerve affected, and may include: Loss of sensation or pain.

Hopefully,  the procedure won’t last very long because Lizze is terrified of needles and this is a rather unpleasant experience.

It will however,  finally give us the answers we are looking for regarding some of her mobility issues.

This week we have the EMG,  2 EEG’S and about a dozen other appointments.  I am really hoping that these all go well and we are presented with good news.  We could really use some good news 🙂

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       -Lost and Tired

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