I need my beauty sleep -

I need my beauty sleep

Today has been a pretty stressful day.  We met with an attorney and had our eyes opened to the reality that if we choose to fight for Lizze’s disability, we will have a fight on our hands.

We have a few tough decisions ahead of us. 

Lizze and I are both completely exhausted and in desperate need of a few things to go right. 

The kids are in bed and homework is done.  Lizze and I are starting season 3 of Supernatural tonight.  We are so totally in this show. It’s kinda the only thing we have.

It would be awesome if Emmett would sleep through the night tonight.  I was up with him much of last night and so I could use some sleep.  Here to hoping 🙂

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Clydeine Adamchick

Wishing yo a great night! And yes, without Hope, we'd have nothing!


Thanks, you as well 🙂


thinking of you and your family today my friend. hope all is well.


Thanks Carl. I really appreciate it. You and yours are in our thoughts as well. 🙂

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