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Elliott’s 6th birthday is this Sunday. As you may remember,  he has his EEG scheduled for this Monday.  For whatever reason,  Elliott is stressing out because he doesn’t want to have his EEG the day after his birthday.

I don’t know what the issue really is but my guess is that it has more to do with him not wanting the EEG and less about having it the day after his birthday.

He was begging me to reschedule the EEG for another day.  However,  that’s not really an option as this test is important. So I offered him another option.  I told him that we could move his birthday instead.

He liked that idea and so far that seems to be working to reduce his anxiety.

We will be celebrating Elliott’s birthday tonight,  instead of Sunday. As a special needs parent,  sometimes I have to come up with creative solutions to the problems I’m faces with.  This is just one of those times.

Please feel free to wish Elliott a happy birthday today.  He’ll love to read them when he gets home.  🙂

Happy Birthday Elliott 🙂

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Happy birthday Elliot! Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. 🙂


Happy Birthday Elliott! Such a lucky boy, wish I could move my birthday!

Onyx Panthyr

Happy birthday to you, Elliot!


Happy Birthday Elliot! You are a really cool kid! Have the best birthday ever!


Happy birthday, Elliot! Enjoy your day!


Happy Happy Birthday Elliott! Have a wonderfu birthday 🙂


Happy Birthday Elliottt! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!


Happy Birthday Elliott! 😀


Happy 6th Birthday, Elliott!!!! Have fun tonight!!!! =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

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