Please say a prayer for my sister -

Please say a prayer for my sister

My little sister was taken to the ER earlier this week for what they thought was a migraine. 

After a CT scan,  they discovered that all of her sinus cavities were completely full of puss or infection.  They did antibiotics, pain killers and sent her home. They said that this was very unusual to see this type of infection.

This morning they have returned to the hospital because her eye is now swollen shut, likely a sign of the infection spreading I would think.

I haven’t heard anything else yet but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I keep you all posted as to what happens.  🙂


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My thoughts and prayers are with her and wish her a speedy recovery x
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Angie B.

Thoughts and prayers. I hope it just a bad infection that will go away with a little TLC (and antibiotics) : ) With this crazy weather everywhere it seems a lot of people are having sinus problems.
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Megan Kitchen

I had something similar in high school. It was very unpleasant and I was told that if it didn't start to break up in 3-4 days, they would have to go in and clean it out via surgery. Fill a sock with rice, tie it off, then microwave it to make it warm and put that over her eyes Helps with the pain and seemed to make it drain better once it started. Also a neti pot made a huge difference to clearing it once it started to drain for me. we will pray for her.

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