The new van just broke down

The goddamn van just broke down on the way back from Akron Children’s Hospital.  We had stopped by GameStop so Elliott could use his birthday money to buy something for his 3DS. 

Lizze was waiting in the van because she’s having a rough time walking.

When I left, I shut the van off out of habit.  After a few minutes Lizze tried to start the van because it was getting to cold.  She tried to start the van with the remote start and everything went nuts. 

The van started and stopped and started and stopped.  Then it was trying to turn on at random times,  even with no key in the ignition.

My Dad is on his way to rescue us and see if trying to jump start the van will work.

I’m sooooo pissed off right now because not only did I just buy this van a few weeks ago,  I had to buy this van because two a$$holes stole and then totaled out the van we originally had. 

I’m pissed off because we had to literally spend everything we had,  every last penny of our tax return that was desperately needed for us to survive the winter and move out of this neighborhood.  It all went into this van. 

Now we’re sitting here,  stranded once again.  This time it’s just Lizze and Elliott with me and not the entire Lost and Tired family.

Hopefully,  it’s just the battery and not something more expensive. 

Goddamnit,  I think my head is going to explode.


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Christi McMillan Aden

yes the remote car starter drained the battery…the van went all nuts one night started on its own then wouldn't charged it…was fine for awhile. Did it again finally I said disconnect the stupid car starter… no more issues. We have had the van almost 3 yrs and no problems ever after that first year related to the car starter


The battery was appears to have been the problem. I also suspect the remote start to be the problem. I'm gonna get it back to the dealership while I'm under warranty and have it checked out.

Thanks again everyone for all the advice. I think you are spot on… 🙂

Megan Kitchen

I hate to copy others, but I agree that its probably the remote starter. My MIL had almost the exact same thing happen, and when her husband disconnected the remote starter and recharged the battery (it had drained it with all the starting and killing) it worked just fine.

Christi McMillan Aden

I think its probably just a issue with the remote car starter. We have a 07 freestar.. had a similar problem as did a friend. We had to have that darn remote disconnected from the battery. It went nuts in cold weather twice even rain goofed it up I heard its somewhat common. So my money is the car starter…we will never have another remote car starter that was a nightmare.


I had similar issues with my old car. Once we disconnected the remote start there was no problems. This is a big problem with aftermarket remote starts but can also be an issue with factory installed ones. We tried replacing the battery but it kept happening until the remote start was disconnected.


got a lemon law there?


I'm SO sorry…this SUCKS for all of you!