Elliott’s Vaccine Reaction: Where we stand

Elliott’s Vaccine Reaction: Where we stand

We saw the doctor and this is where we stand.  There doesn’t appear to be any infection and that’s a positive thing.  The inflammation measured something like,  11cm long by 9cm wide.  Those numbers are what stick in my mind right now,  I never actually wrote them down.

This is one of the known reactions to the particular booster he received the other day.

At this point there isn’t much we can do.  We can treat the symptoms with benadryl,  Tylenol,  cold, compresses and hydrocortisone cream.  If the inflammation or the pain gets any worse we have to get back to her right away.

We also spoke with the immunologist and she is going to test Elliott’s antibodies.  She is very concerned about Elliott receiving his MMR booster. 

So this is where we stand at this point.  We have to closely watch him and hopefully the swelling will go down in the next day or so.

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       -Lost and Tired

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Yikes! I don't get on much but saw this. Sorry about his reaction. Looks & sounds painful. Hope it's not as serious as it can get & doesn't get any worse. Hugs for him!

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