The kids are in rare form this morning

My main mission today is getting caught up on laundry. The washer has been down for 2 weeks but we fixed it yesterday. 

As for everything else, here’s how that story is going..

The boys, especially Emmett, are in rare form. 

Gavin’s being extra impulsive and that’s led him to hurting himself on accident, several times already this morning. 


He hurts himself in ways that anyone who’s paying at least a tiny bit of attention to what’s going on around them, would easily be able to avoid.  He’s just so impulsive..

Emmett is just hyper beyond words and is also very impulsive as well.  I’m having a rough time even capturing his attention today, let alone maintain it.

Elliott’s actually doing okay, at least by comparison.  He’s very bouncy and impulsive as well but not to the same degree. 

Everyone’s had their meds and are finishing up lunch.

I’m happy to say that for the most part, everyone’s getting along and that makes things easier..

I’d like to see things settle down a little more but they’re still wired from their visit this weekend with their Mom and Grandparents.  That’s totally to be expected and as they get back into their routine, they will settle down.

Until then, I’m going to try not to lose my mind…  LOL

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