Please say a prayer for Elliott

Elliott woke up this morning complaining about his arm hurting.  He had received two booster vaccines 2 days ago so it seemed that tenderness was to be expected.

However,  when I looked at his arm,  I was taken aback.  His entire upper arm is swollen and and stiff.  The skin is very hot to the touch.  This appears to be a rather serious reaction.  We are calling the pediatrician to find out whether we should there or straight to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Elliott is freaking out and I’m a bit worried myself. This was not like this last night. This has occurred within the last few hours. 

Has anyone ever seen this.

The pictures don’t show all the redness but you can see what I’m concerned about.



Please say a prayer that this ends up being ok.  Thank you so much.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lost and Tired via F

Thanks everyone. This was a reaction to the DTP (spelling) booster. It was not the MMR. The doctors are very concerned that the MMR may cause serious problems so they are testing his antibodies to see if its even needed. Kim Williams We are doing just that. The swelling seems to be reducing since the benedryl and hydracortisome cream. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers 🙂

Shawna Marie via Fac

🙁 poor Guy prayers from my family to yours

Karen Bagley Jenning

Praying for Elliot, and your family. My son Samuel had the same reaction to an immunization, in his leg. Red, hot to the touch, hard as a rock, swollen, and unable to use that muscle. He couldn't walk for literally 3 days. I'm trying to remember if it was the DPT, or the MMR. Anyway, I put ice on it, both to cool it down and to help with the swelling, and also gave him Benadryl and Motrin. He slept a lot the first two days after that shot!! It did eventually start to clear up after the second day, and was better within a week. Believe it or not, the doc tried to tell me that was a "normal" reaction!! I thought, "Well then I would hate to see a severe reaction!"

Kim Williams via Fac

Unless he's having a true allergic reaction, it's likely that this is just his body trying to fight off the immunization – which is exactly what it's supposed to be doing. Sometimes kids with autism have less than stellar immune systems and in other kids it appears they have difficulty metabolizing certain things – like metals or medications or gluten etc. Ice the arm down. Give him Benedryl. Try to get him to eat some yogurt. Apply corticosteroid cream to the affected area. Motrin for discomfort. Make sure the doc notes the severity of his response. In the future, only give ONE immunization at a time and even then, if he's got so much as the slightest sniffle, wait til he's completely well. Consider giving anti-histamines for about a week BEFORE the immunization, just to gather any histamines in his system. If the reaction gets worse or if he has trouble breathing or any swelling of his face, tongue or lips, haul him to the ER right away. About the only thing they would consider doing is injecting him with a cortisone product to stop the reaction and that would basically render the immunization ineffective. That's my two cents worth, having gone through this with my kids, including my son with autism. Good luck for the next few days. It may take some time before this is completely back to normal 🙁

Toni Benson Smith vi

Praying for Elliott. That doesn't look good Rob. He'll definitely need to go to the hospital.

Natalie Willard Wern

Was one of the boosters an MMR? Is he having any other "allergic" responses?

Betsy Wilson McCaske


Holly Martin via Fac

Oh no! poor Elliot! Bless his heart, Thinking of him and saying a prayer for him, Poor little man. 🙁 Hope all goes well with the doctors and you get some answers, try not to worry too much, (I know easier said than done) They must have seen a reaction like this before and know how to act on it, surely! Keep us posted, thinking of your family. <3

Paula Scheerer Ruter

Sending prayers!

Yvette Kennedy via F

You know you got me bro! Sending hugs and kisses your way Elliott. Auntie Vet loves you!! <3

Lisa Manchester Leon

I'm going to say what I wish somebody had told me a long time ago. Get yourself a DAN doctor. That is NOT a normal reaction, but unfortunately it is a very common reaction. Mainstream doctors will tell you it's normal. I'd report it to VAERS.

Debbie Potocki Provo

Prayers sent for Elliott — keep us posted Rob. I have never seen that reaction before.


Was one of them tetanus? The same thing happened to me in 6th grade and my arm was red, not swollen and as hard as a rock underneath….a kind of allergic reaction 🙁 Ended up on benadryl …so sorry for Elliot….hope it's being resolved.
My recent post Just one of my peeves…you know 🙂


ThAt is not a normal reaction. Sign of vaccine injury. I hope u went to hospital. And make them report it to VAERS!!! IMHO with all the med problems ur family experiences, id stay FARRRR away from the vaccines. Clearly ur kids systems cant handle the ingredients&toxic load.


OMG. I have seen some redness but never like that. Poor Elliott. Hope everything is OK. Praying for you all.