Announcing the “Autism touches my heart” Facebook group-

Announcing the “Autism touches my heart” Facebook group-

i just created the “Autism touches my heart” group on Facebook. I hope you all consider joining… Here is a bit about me and the purpose of the group..
I am the father to 3 Autistic boys and creator of the Lost and Tired blog. My mission is to spread Autism Awareness and dis-spell the MANY misconceptions that exist about Autism by sharing my family’s “real life” story. My writing is very honest and detailed about the struggles we face raising 3 boys on the spectrum. I am brutally honest about my feelings and experiences in an attempt to help people understand what Autism really is. I don’t believe Autism is a blessing. My children are blessings but not the Autism. My family lives is a world where Autism dictates EVERY aspect of our lives. It’s rarely pleasant and very often heartbreaking.
My blog has received a tremendous response and I want to reach as many people as possible. There are many misconceptions about Autism and many different places on the spectrum. Depending on where your child falls on the spectrum can dramatically impact your life, thoughts and feelings on the matter.
Please come join the group and share your story with us. The problem I see within the community is to many people are suffering in silence. We try to portray Autism as something that really isn’t that bad. In some cases that’s true (our 4 year old Elliott is a great example).  However, in some cases Autism is literally a living nightmare (our oldest Gavin is a perfect example). How can we expect others to be aware and accept our children if we can’t be honest with ourselves. Admitting the EXTREME challenges and difficulties of raising an Autistic child (or in our case 3 Autistic children) takes great courage and certainly DOES NOT mean you love them any less. In fact I would argue it goes to show now DEEPLY you love them. By sharing your feelings both good and bad you allow yourself to be human. By embracing these feelings you can better understand yourself and most importantly they don’t build up in an unhealthy manner.
Our kids will need us for the rest of OUR lives. We need to be in the best position we can in order to be who they need us to be.
Thanks for looking at my “Autism touches my heart” group. I hope you consider joining. I could personally benefit from hearing your story as could the rest of the world.
Thank You
Rob Gorski (Lost and Tired)

Thank You
Rob Gorski (Lost and Tired)

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