The good morning meltdown

I can’t think of a better a better way to start the day than with one of Gavin’s meltdowns.  It’s even better after a night of no sleep. 

Of course,  this is pure sarcasm and I’m choosing to try and be humorous about this because I can’t afford to go the other way.  Gavin freaked out this morning over what he was wearing to school. Today is spring picture day and the boys are allowed to wear a dress shirt to school,  instead of their uniform shirts.

In all the years Gavin has been in school,  he has always worn his uniform shirt for pictures.  It’s just one of those things he was more comfortable doing. 

This morning,  he decided that he was going to wear his Super Mario t-shirt.  Lizze explained to him that he was not allowed to wear t-shirts for pictures.  The school sent home a flyer explaining what could be worn. 

Instead of just moving on,  he got nasty with Lizze and completely disrespectful.  So,  we told him that while we would have helped him to find a more appropriate shirt to wear to school for pictures,  because he was so rude and disrespectful to Mommy,  he was going to wear his uniform to school.

This was great in theory,  but not in practice.  It just so happens that Gavin can’t find any of his school shirts. 

Lizze gave him four clean school shirts on Sundays night and told him to put them away.  Guess what, they are nowhere to be found. He wore one of them yesterday and got it filthy,  so he couldn’t wear that. 

We searched high and low but couldn’t find his missing shirts.  For the love of God,  what does he do with his clothes?  Gavin’s clothes always seem to disappear,  no matter what we do.

Anyway,  he ended having to wear a dress shirt,  despite the punishment.  We had no choice since all other options had vanished. This is going to be the longest day in the history of long days.

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       -Lost and Tired

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Holly Martin via Fac

Uh-oh! Early morning trouble, I hate that vibe!/Getting the day off to a bad start! :/ Well I hope Gavin books his ideas up as the day progresses! And I hope you and Lizzie manage to keep hold of your marbles! haha…….Take a deep breath! 🙂


I seriosly hope he isnt eating them!! Maybe he is putting them down the vent?? I feel for you both Markies meltdowns can cause havic thats lasts for days just in time for another melt down. Since the hospital stay things have been ok. Now we are just looking for another school. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to you both!!!