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Emmett just woke up crying a little while ago.  We had thought his sinus infection was back but noooo,  it’s a brand new fever cycle. 

While the fever is minor,  his mouth is breaking out again.  That’s what caused him to wake up in pain tonight.

This sucks because there really isn’t much we can do for him until it’s over. When it’s over,  can be as far as 10 from now. For his sake,  and everyone else’s in the Lost and Tired house,  I hope this is a quick cycle.  🙁

It’s gonna be a long night….

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Kim Williams via Fac

L-Lysine is good and also if you talk to the pede they might be able to prescribe acyclovir or something like it – an anti-viral to shorten the cycles hopefully to the point it eventually stops.

Michele Chaney via F

I was just wondering if you have tried L-Lysine with Vit C for the sores. It is used more commonly for cold sores but can help with any sores on the nose and mouth that are caused by an immune response. Not sure if it will help him or not but it won't hurt him either. It also works well with zinc but I would only use that if he was flaring bad, it can upset your stomach.