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There are few things I dislike more in this world than the time change. I mean,  I personally handle it just fine,  however, my three. Autistic boys don’t

The simple act of moving the clocks ahead by one hour is completely disruptive.  It’s like someone took their world and shook it up like a snow globe. It becomes total chaos for them and subsequently for us as well.

I say this every spring and fall because the time change is like my worst enemy.

I try to bring peace and order to our world and time change seeks to bring confusion and chaos. The confusion and chaos,  typically lasts for a few weeks.  Those few weeks are among the worst of the year.

This may sound dramatic,  but the switch to and from day light savings time is extremely disruptive.  The worst part is that their sleep schedule is thrown off.  This results in very early mornings,  following really late nights. 

When it was decided that this time change would be a good idea,  I assure you,  the creators of this idea didn’t have three Autistic boys. 

As I’m writing this,  Elliott has already been up for well over an hour (4:30 am). Trying to keep him from waking Emmett is not easy and it means that I must remain awake at this most unholy of hours.

This is why,  every single year I climbing to the highest roof of the tallest tower and scream,fuck you time change.

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       -Lost and Tired

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I don't know if this would help or not, but the week of the time change maybe setting your clocks back ten minutes each day will help them adjust easier 🙂