Preparing for battle

Lizze begins her second,  necessary headache infusion tomorrow morning. While she will only be incapacitated from this procedure for about three days,  that translates into for-freaking-ever in special needs parenting time.

I want to try and get somethings done before she leaves for her first session in the morning.

I need to get to Waterloo Transmission and work out payment arrangements for the repairs done to our old van about two weeks before is was stolen and totaled out.

I need to get to the grocery store for some basics. I also need to get thank you cards to send out to everyone that sent us cards in the mail and also reply to all the emails of support we received as well. It’s very important to me to get this done.

I want to get the kitchen and laundry caught up,  as well as do some meal planning. This will help to streamline the next few days and make feeding and getting the boys to and from school a bit more efficient.  In my world,  efficient means possible. If we aren’t efficient,  than it will be utter chaos.

For my own sanity,  I need to get Best Buy out to replace or repair our TV.  I know we don’t have cable but we do watch Netflix.  The LCD panel has gone bad and I have the service plan,  so it will get repaired or replaced at no cost.  The thick black bands, currently covering the screen are driving me crazy.

I also need to make arrangements for the new van to get back into the shop.  The goddamn thing is already stalling out and left us stranded a week or so ago.  The front end has also started making a horrible sound that is not brake related. The other more bizarre and arguably more important problem is that the drivers side,  passenger door,  keeps randomly opening.  It happened against night. I think everything is tied an electrical issue,  probably related to the remote start. 

For the record,  this crap with our new van,  is stress that I don’t need in my life right now. At this point,  the only difference between this band and our old one,  besides the fact that the old one was stolen and totaled,  is that we now have a monthly payment on our unreliable van.

I’m hoping that I will get some help with the boys because I will definitely need it.

When your family struggles on a good day, life gets infinitely more challenging when one parent has health problems.  It gets more challenging still,  when a parent has a medical procedure that will effectively remove them from the equation for a few days.

I feel like I preparing for battle… Not fun….

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Onyx Panthyr

I really hope that disabling the remote start will fix things for you. You don't need that headache on top of stuff. 🙁