#Autism and those little quirks

As many of you know already,  kids with #Autism can very often have little quirks.  For those of you unfamiliar with Autism,  I thought I would help you understand what I mean when I say quirks.

When I think of quirks,  I think little oddities that seem to make up part of someone’s personality.

In Emmett’s case,  he has quite a few quirks.  Some are cute and even a bit endearing,  while others can almost interfere with his life at times. 

For the purposes of this post,  I want to share one of Emmett’s more consistent little quirks. While he doesn’t do this all the time anymore,  he does it more often than not.

Emmett hates and I mean hates getting anything on his shoes. Recently,  he has been doing better,  especially when his puppy, Bella is involved.  However, the big thing with him is his avoidance of walking on the ground when it’s wet.

He has this quirky little routine that he does whenever he walks out of the house or gets out of the car.  He asks me if there is water on the ground or if the ground is wet.  If I say no, then he will hop out and then feel the ground with both hands to make sure that it is indeed dry.

This has become very commonplace for him. It’s one of those things that really never interferes with anything and makes him feel more comfortable with his surroundings.  We have incorporated this into our everyday lives as the need presents itself.

There are other quirks like smelling things,  just as an example.

Below are pictures to help illustrate one example of Emmett’s quirkiness. 🙂



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       -Lost and Tired

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