A 104°F wrench in our plans

A 104°F wrench in our plans

To further complicate matters,  Emmett’s fever has almost hit 104°F.  I think this is going to put a wrench into our plans for tomorrow. 

It’s one thing to send him to my parents with just a bad cough but with a fever of 104°F,  I don’t want him going anywhere. It looks as though Lizze and I will have to split up in the morning.  I hate having to do this because this is a pretty big appointment for the boys and we should both be there.

At this point,  my priority has to shift to Emmett and managing his fever.  Typically,  it wouldn’t be a huge deal,  but since he started with the fever disorder a year or so ago,  he hasn’t been typical when it comes to fever.

I need to go stock up on Gatorade to keep him hydrated.

It going to be a very long night…..


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       -Lost and Tired

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