#Autism, Communication and Not Feeling Well -

#Autism, Communication and Not Feeling Well

Emmett woke up this morning with a really nasty cough.  In fact,  he’s coughing to the point that he is dry heaving. We suspect that it’s post nasal drip nut he has also has a fever of 101.4°F and rising.

Because of Emmett’s communication struggles,  we don’t what’s going on as he can’t tell us. 

Since the cough is so bad and he is running a fever,  he’s going to the pediatrician this morning.  I’m not a fan of going for no reason but when Emmett can’t communicate what’s wrong and is sounds as bad as it does,  plus he’s running a fever,  I don’t like to take chances. 

Since he also has PFAPA,  a fever disorder,  we just never know what’s going on with a fever and the only thing we can do is get him checked out.

This is one of those things we have had to adjust to as a result of Autism and some of the challenges that come along with it.

Hopefully,  all will be fine and it’s something like allergies,  but with the fever we just never know.

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