Fruit Snacks taste better when they’re lined up

Fruit Snacks taste better when they’re lined up

I thought this was cute.  We had some left over fruit snacks from our trip to the Zoo yesterday. After lunch I told the boys that they could each have one package. 

Emmett opened his up and before eating them, lined them up in a straight line. 

How many of you see this at home, with your child on the Autism spectrum?


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I used to see this at home, but not from Autism. I have an OCD child and there are certain placements for her glass, napkin, ways she arranges food, sometimes orders in which she eats. At 21, she isn’t quite as “strict” about it as she used to be as a child. While OCD doesn’t go away, brain maturation does help a little in how she addresses it. 
I’m relatively new to your blog, but your strength is inspiring.

E The Third Glance

I sort them by color first then line them up 😛


All the time!! My son is notorious for lining up absolutely everything. He will even pull food out of his mouth just so he can line it up, even when it seems impossible to do so.


I have a habit of lining up food like fruit snacks & candy. I think it’s common among those on the Spectrum & those with OCD.


My son doesn’t but when I occasionally have a package with him, I HAVE to sort them by color.  I don’t know if its something I learned or not because my mother used candy/snacks to teach me my colors and numbers.  I had to sort or count such treats before I could eat them when I was little.

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