Hello Monday, we meet again

Hello Monday, we meet again

In keeping with the Lost and Tired family tradition of chaotic Monday’s,  this was brought to my attention this morning.

Out of nowhere,  Gavin tells us,  “while I was at Grandma’s house,  I was standing at the top of the steps.  I got really dizzy and I fell over.  I couldn’t get back up because I was to dizzy. “  Lizze and I just stared at him in that deer in the headlights kinda way.

Why on earth are we just now hearing about this.  This happened several days ago and he decides to tell us as we are heading out the door to take both he and Elliott to school.

I realize he likely wasn’t hiding it and that it just hadn’t occurred to him that he should tell us but dammit.  I mean,  that’s something I want to know about when it happens,  not three days later.

Perhaps he stood up to fast and got dizzy and that’s all this was.  Thankfully,  we will be at the neurologist in the morning to get the results of his EEG. At least we know about it now and can keep an eye on him.

Hello Monday,  we meet again…

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It's also common to have vestibular problems when you already have sensory issues.. Vertigo is one of those. I've had moments where I laid down and I was so dizzy out of nowhere I thought I was gunna be sick. Got up, looked at some lights, and felt ok enough to go to bed.

Bonnie Stewart

Standing up too fast and getting dizzy is a unique feature of adolescence. I'm sure a lot of us have experienced that. Perhaps it takes our circulatory system as well as our inner ear a while to catch up to all the changes going on with our increased height etc.


That's what we're hoping it is. 🙂

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