Fit4Autism: Day 3 -

Fit4Autism: Day 3

I totally didn’t feel like walking this evening. It’s been a long week and everyone has been sick for days now. However, I pushed myself to go and I feel great having done that. Here is my workout from today…..

If you would like to join “Fit4Autism” send and email to

I’ll get an invite off to you right away. Everything is tracked via My hope is that I get as many people to join as possible. There’s motivation and encouragement in numbers. Endomondo works no matter where you are in the world. The more we have the more attention we can get and the more Autism awareness we can spread. Anyone wanting to support the cause is welcomed to join. We owe our kids healthy parents and this is what I’m doing to make sure my kids have that. Join “Fit4Autism” today and improve your health while increasing Autism Awareness.

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