When helping hurts

When helping hurts

Every once in awhile,  the Lost and Tired family faces a really difficult situation.  These situations go above and beyond the more typical special needs parenting situations we often find ourselves faced with.

Lizze and I have been hit with a doozy this time.  We are faced with a situation that has no clear cut right or wrong answer.

Emmett is dealing with pneumonia right now and is miserable. There’s a good chance that reason he has it is because of the prednisone he’s on because of his fever disorder. When Emmett hits a fever flare and his mouth breaks out in cold sores,  the only course of action aside from him suffering,  is a three days of prednisone.

The problem is the prednisone doesn’t play nice with the immune system.  With a weakened or compromised immune system,  Emmett is susceptible to things he might have otherwise fought off.

This is a very difficult position to be in because we don’t want him suffering in pain while in the middle of a flare.  However, at the same time,  we don’t want to destroy or compromise his immune system either.  What are we supposed to do?

Practically speaking,  the pain from the fever flare,  while unpleasant,  won’t kill him.  On the other hand,  a compromised immune system could.

This is the very definition of dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. At this point,  there is no way to win here.  However,  that doesn’t mean we are going to give up.

In fact,  on Tuesday, March 27th, we will once again return to Akron Children’s Hospital.  This time it will be to the geneticist.  Hopefully,  we can pin point exactly what’s going on with him. We can learn more about this fever disorder and perhaps additional treatment options at the same time.

Either way,  it completely sucks to sit here with the realization that we have likely contributed to him being sick right now. I hate being in this position….  🙁

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Hello there! I'm new to your blog. Is there anything you could give him to boost his immune system overall or even during those time periods? I'm thinking multivatims (A, B, C, E, and Zinc) or fish oil. It sounds like the fevers are a result of a compromised immune system already, so you may need to check the other medications (if he's taking any others) or if he's having an allergic reaction to something (new detergents, soaps, etc.)


Have you looked into any antiviral treatment?

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