HEARTBREAKING: Someone threw this puppy out the window of their moving car :(

After dropping the boys off at school today, I was on my way to the track to sneak in my morning workout. 

As I was turning into the park, I witnessed the car in front of me throw something out the window of their car. 

Then I saw that thing they threw out the window, get up and start chasing after them. 

Next thing I know, this lady gets out of her car and what turns out to be this sweet little puppy, runs back up to her.  She picks the puppy up and literally throws it as far as she could before running back into her car and leaving.

I was in shock because I have never seen anything like that before. 

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I should have recorded it and or got the license plate number but by the time I fully understand what had happened, she drove off.  All I saw what she looked like and that she had Texas plates. 

Rather than follow and possibly confront her because I was pissed off, I opted to save the puppy instead. 

What was I going to do when I caught up with her anyway? Obviously if she was the kind of person to do something like this in the first place, she’s not going to care what I have to say and frankly, she’s not worth my time. 

I was able to get the little puppy to come to me and she just hopped into the car.. 

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I went to where I meet my Mother to walk and waited. I was able to flag down a police officer who took a brief report and went after the lady in question. 

When I met up with my Mom, she fell in love with this little angel and so I carried her as we walked the track. 

I took her to Stark County Animal Hospital and they took the time to check her out and make sure she was okay, without charging me.  Kudos to them for valuing life above profit. 

She checked out as being okay,  so I took her to my parents and left her with my Mom. 

I think they might keep her but if they can’t,  I’ll take her before bringing her to the pound.  One of the dispatchers reached out to me on Facebook and said she heard the report and might be interested in taking her in as well. 

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She would make an amazing family dog and is good with other animals but I really don’t want to take that on.

I didn’t even want to bring her home because I knew if I did, she would never leave. 

My Mom is in love with her and she gets along great with their dog Bailey.  I thinks it’s a great fit but we have to see what my Dad says.  He’s a big softy so I think she found a loving home.  ☺