#Autism and Seizures: The 24 hour EEG -

#Autism and Seizures: The 24 hour EEG

On Thursday afternoon,  Elliott and I will be checking into Akron Children’s Hospital for a period of 24 hours.  In that time,  Elliott will undergo a 24 hour long EEG.

We know from his previous EEG,  that he is having some seizure activity,  especially while asleep.  The 24 hour EEG,  affords us a chance to better understand what is happening and how bad it actually is.

Elliott’s actually very excited about this test. He’ll get to be the center of attention for a whole day. This is a complete turnaround from the anxiety filled disaster he was the last time.

I don’t know if it has to do with the Risperdal,  or if he simply knows what to expect.

I know he’s excited to play video games the whole time and have them serve him,  lunch, dinner and breakfast in bed. He literally can’t wait to go.

I really hope that holds up because the 1 hour EEG was bad enough with him freaking out.  24 hours is a really long time to try and manage that level of anxiety. 

Here to hoping all goes smooth…

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       -Lost and Tired

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