What Does #Autism Awareness Month Mean To You? -

What Does #Autism Awareness Month Mean To You?

I have been wondering what #Autism Awareness month means to you? There seems to be a lot of focus on the commercial aspect of this very important month.

I thought I would share with you what Autism Awareness month means to me.

To me,  Autism Awareness month is a time to do much more than just help spread Autism Awareness. It’s a time to come together and put aside our differences for the betterment of all those touched by Autism. 

I like to try and become more Autism aware myself by getting to know my own kids better. That also means I attempt to see things for another perspective and try to bridge the gaps that form throughout the community every other month of the year.

To me,  I can’t expect something from someone that I don’t expect of myself. If I want the public to become more educated about Autism,  I need to further educate myself as well. I need to be open to other ways of thinking that don’t necessarily coincide with my own.

Autism Awareness has to start at home. We as members of the Autism community need to embrace our differences and unite under one cause,  one purpose. 

All to often,  we are divided by what we don’t agree on,  instead of standing together,  side by side,  hand in hand,  helping to build a better future for all those touched by Autism.

I don’t personally care if you light it up blue or not.  I don’t care what your opinion of vaccines are or where your loved one falls on the spectrum.  We are all on the same journey.  We may be taking different paths along the way,  but our destinations are same.
We all want the same thing for our children,  the best future possible. 

In my opinion,  Autism Awareness should be every day of every month,  all year long.  I don’t need a special month to become more Autism aware.  I live it every single day of my life.  I use Autism Awareness month as a time to take inventory,  on a personal level.  I work hard to share my family’s story but I worked harder to learn and share other families stories.  🙂

So what does Autism Awareness month mean to you?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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