Managing a behavioral crisis: We’re home

Managing a behavioral crisis: We’re home

I’m really tired but I wanted together you all know what happened.  The quick and dirty version is that Gavin is home again.  They had no beds available and our only option would be a treatment facility that was about 90 minutes away.
We opted to forgo that for several reasons.  One being we physically, couldn’t afford the trip but the other being it would be pointless to send him at this point. 

I’ll have a big write up in the morning,  I promise but for now I need sleep.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers 🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Brie King

Praying for you now.


Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers


I know how you feel right now and I hope that you will be able to solve all your problems. But for now, take a rest and have a enough sleep.
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Thank you


Hoping things level out for Gavin and all of you guys! I know how exhausting this can be for everyone. You guys are in my prayers!!!
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