3 kids, 5 hotdogs and a bonfire

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I promised I would share the pictures from our bonfire on Saturday.  Here they are.  There is a bit of a story to go along with the pictures. 

You saw from a previous post that Emmett was kind enough to jot down some instructions on how to build a proper bonfire.  We followed them to a tee and everything went well.  At least with the fire. 

Somehow,  between the grocery store and home, we lost two packages of hotdogs.

We never did find them. 

It’s kinda a hard to cook hotdogs without hotdogs to cook.  🙁

Thankfully, we still had 5 hotdogs in the fridge, so we were able to cook then for the boys.  Of course, Emmett dropped his and the friggin dogs ate it but we had enough to replace it. 

Unfortunately, the fire didn’t last too long because there was just too much smoke and so I had to out it out. 

The boys (Elliott and Emmett anyway) were disappointed.

Gavin didn’t really care.  He was pissed off because Netflix wasn’t working on his tablet and so he had a bit of an attitude.

I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the hotdogs that I bought.  They just disappeared.  It wasn’t the dogs either. 

Who knows. It all worked out okay.

While the fire was short lived, the boys had fun and I got to burn some of the wood from the tree we cut down a few years back.  Lizze even came out for a little while and that was both pleasant and unexpected.

When it was all done, Emmett got to play fireman and help Daddy put out the fire.  🙂


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