Finally, some peace and quite

Finally, some peace and quite

Even when it comes at the end of the night,  peace and quiet is always a welcomed visitor at the Lost and Tired household. 

Unfortunately, we don‘t get these visits very often.

However,  when they do come around,  they are greatly appreciated and when they leave,  they are sorely missed.

This quiet moment was after the boys were in bed and I just couldn’t keep Bella off of me or my eyes open.  Bella kinda sucks all the energy and stress away when she snuggles.

I think that everyone should have a Bella of their very own.


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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The title of your blog is what made me click on your link. I had a pity party tonight, crying about how exhausted and tired I am. My son is 18 and he has Aspergers. Seeing that you have 3 children with autism makes me ashamed of my pity party. May God bless you and give you some much needed rest! I look forward to reading your blogs…..

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