What are your plans for summer break 2012

What are your plans for summer break 2012

Every single school year for the Lost and Tired family ends the same way, with summer break. Despite our best efforts to prepare ourselves for this period of time that is any but a break,  we always end up a day late and a dollar short.

What I mean is that our plans always seem to fall through and the summer just seems to drag on forever.

When your dealing with kids with special needs,  despite how much you may enjoy having them home,  time slows to a crawl and your sanity,  patience and energy slowly erode away. 

This often find myself driven to the very edge of sanity and then kicked out of the car while it’s still moving,  leaving me stranded and trying to locate all my missing marbles.

This year,  we have the AC from the very start.  This will help to keep the kids cool and comfortable,  thus addressing some of the sensory issues we experienced without it. However,  that won’t be enough to survive the summer.

We are going to likely have many trips to the doctors and hospital’s,  especially for Gavin.  We are just beginning to gain some traction in the fight for answers as to what the heck is going on with him.

My hope is that we can make a few trips to the Zoo with the boys.  I want to take at least Elliott fishing.

I would looooovvvvveee to move away from our dangerously violent neighborhood as well. Probably not going to happen right now but I’m a dreamer.

Lizze and I will need to work out a new,  strict and manageable routine for the boys as that will make things a little easier. I’m going to put together some visual queues and work out some educational time as well.

Outside of that, all I can do is hope to survive the longest 3 months ever.

What to ya’ll have planned for this summer? Are the summers as fun for you and yours as they are for me and mine?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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ekskurzia egipet

Undobtedly your condition with children is not best, but you have to take care about yourself if you don't want to step up the edge of sanity…


Sometimes no matter how we try to please all we can, but at least I hope PPP vacation goes well.


Well Lord willing my girls are going to NYC to spend summer with my mother-in-law. It will be a break for me and my husband, but if he goes to Kuwait, then I'll be here all by myself which would be cool for a few days,but would be kinda lonely. My oldest is Autistic and the youngest is 18 mos. My bro-in-law is 13 and he is Autistic, non-verbal. I am concerned the little one will get lost in the shuffle, but my mom-in-law wants them both. I'm dreading having to travel alone with them for ANOTHER summer when I have to pick them up, especially with her behaviors toward her sister. My husband might have Multiple Sclerosis and that equals being discharged from the Army, so he might not go to Kuwait because of that. Now that I think of it, it seems like a crappy summer, but we gotta see the blessings in all of this somehow.


I feel your pain, I HATE summer break. I am all for school year round. The library is free and they often have summer programs. Thank heavens for the trampoline Santa brought, it helps somewhat. Good Luck


I understand the difficulty of summer vacation, which many people solve with camps or babysitters. Are these options for you, or are you more restricted in what resources you could use? (i.e. if you had another day and another dollar, what would you do with them?)


We only have 2 months summer holiday up here is NS, Canada. School ends a couple days before the end of June and start back the first week of September. I am grateful for the shorter holidays.

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