Meltdown Monday: 04/30/2012 -

Meltdown Monday: 04/30/2012

Starting out the week in true Lost and Tired family fashion, we have already had our first meltdown of the week.  Lizze and I decided to turn the TV off because Gavin was zoning out and ignoring everyone (not seizure related this time). 

He then muttered something under his breath that Lizze and I both heard.  He claims he didn’t say anything.  However, we both heard the very same thing.

He wasn’t in trouble because it wasn’t that big of a deal.  We just didn’t like the fact that he was not being truthful about what he said. Maybe he didn’t realize that he said it out loud?  Either way,  he completely overreacted and that of course, lead to the first meltdown of the week.

I think this stems from him finding out this morning that there won’t be any video games in the room he will be staying in.

I think that was part of the attraction for him in the first place. Apparently,  they don’t have video games on the floor.  Although I would think it would make sense to have them because of the people who are photosensitive.

One the positive side,  Gavin got himself under control fairly quickly.  There was a lot of speaking and squealing but that was about it.  It certainly could have been worse. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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Dudge OH

We're in post-meltdown, too. As a thunderstorm rolls through, it reinforces the theory DW & I have that changes in air pressure affect DS1, especially when they change is palpable.
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